The Final Smoothie of the Week (#6): The Spicy Mango!

spicymango1Here we are on the last day of July! And with the close of the month also comes the end of the Smoothie of the Week series! I know, I know… We had a really good run.

But it’s okay! We’ll go out with a bang. A spicy bang!

I had mangos on the docket for this final smoothie. I was all set with an array of tropical ideas…. And then I went out for a cocktail… and got inspired.

The cocktail in question was the delicious incarnate of a fiery margarita, containing a generous amount of muddled jalapeño!

It oddly energized me- not an effect I generally experience with a happy hour beverage…

When I got home, and gazed at the mango on my countertop… It. Just. Clicked. Thoughts of spicy mango salsa came to mind, and I thought… “yeeeeaaaaah… this’ll work!”

So if you just can’t get enough of that beautiful capsaicin heat, then this smoothie is for YOU!

Don’t be scared. It’s customizable. It’s your blender- you’re totally in control of what goes in it. Own your spicy preference!

But this smoothie kind of just makes my morning! Brightly sun-colored, brightly flavorful… Talk about gettin’ your blood flowing!

Get ready to energize your AM with…


THE SPICY MANGO!SpicyMangoIngredients

Makes 1 smoothie


1 cup Fresh Mango (sliced)

1 medium Banana (frozen)

2 slices of Jalapeño pepper, mostly seeded (or not!….see note below*)

1 tablespoon Flax meal (yes… I add this to pretty much all my smoothies…)

3 Ice cubes

1/2 cup cold Water

*Chances are, if you are a fan of the spicy, you know that the major heat in a jalapeño pepper is in the seeds. And if not, now you know!

My advice is this: unless you would chomp on jalapeños as a midday snack, I would add the pepper a little at a time, taste-testing as you go. Maybe even leaving out the seeds altogether if you have sensitive taste buds. Be aware that there’s an afterburn (and that in the right amount, it’s suuuuuper pleasant….)

Throw the ingredients into a blender (perhaps saving the jalapeño to do incrementally, as noted above), and blend until smooth (30 seconds – 1 minute).

Sip it, enjoy it, and then tackle your to-do list with a revved-up, magical vigor!

Approximate Nutrition Facts:

Carbohydrate: 57 g (8 g Fiber, 38 g Sugar)
Fat: 2.25 g (0.25 g Saturated Fat, 0 g Trans Fat)
Protein: 3.5 g
Cholesterol: 0 mg
Sodium: 4 mg
Calories: 242


And if you’re bored of seeing yet another smoothie- that’s okay! ‘Smoothie of the Week’ is finito! (At least for this year). If you’re sad to see it go, you may be excited to hear that I’ll be doing a post on DIY popsicles in August! What can I say? I’m a sucker for frozen treats…

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