Smoothie of the Week #2: The Blue Ginger

Blue Ginger

You know what’s really cool? Watching one of your favorite classic New York flicks, with a whole mess of fellow New Yorkers, outside in a park with the lights of Manhattan glowing behind you…. Summer in the city (though often smelly) is just magical…

Nothing like the sentimental and hilarious dialogue of Nora Ephron to make you think back over your life choices thus far….


Over and above outdoor entertainment opportunities, summer in the city is also made decadent by the fruit! Not only do summer berries and peaches and cherries pop up in your neighborhood grocery store, they peek boastfully out at you from farmers market stalls and the produce carts that park on sidewalk corners- little fresh fruit snack depots.

Those “2 for $5” signs go up, and all I want to do is hoard containers of berries and cherries in my already brimming freezer. Such a finite season of harvest for such scrumptious treats!

So to celebrate the bliss of berry season, let’s get busy with some blueberries for this week’s smoothie!

Rather than go with a conventional yogurt/berry/banana combo (which I’ve made often recently), I decided to go with something a little zingier! You know how we use spices to elaborate on the sweet baking delights of autumn? Well, I thought we could add some spice to summer, too! Nothing crazy…but…

Ginger…. I’m pretty passionate about ginger. It does all kinds of good stuff, like easing indigestion discomfort and acting as an anti-inflammatory. It tastes good in both sweet and savory recipes. It’s just an all around great root.

It also pairs well with blueberries. Something about the flavor combo just…zings…

A couple orange slices and zest are also contributors here. A hint of citrus to enhance that bright summery feeling.

A little almond milk and some flax meal to round things out nutritionally speaking, and we’re in business.

The Blue Ginger

(Name inspired by the sushi restaurant across from the office building in Chelsea where I used to work…odd, yes… but that’s the memory that surfaced when I looked at my ingredient shopping list. Don’t worry, no raw fish needed here).


2/3 cup Blueberries

1 inch piece of ginger root (peeled)

1/4 of a Navel orange (seeded if necessary)

1/4 tsp. orange zest

1 tbsp. Flax meal

1/2 cup Almond milk (I’ve been using Blue Diamond, Almond Breeze Original)

1/2 cup water

3 ice cubes


Toss it all into a blender (I like to layer with the ice cubes on the bottom, nearest to the blades). Blend for 1 to 1 ½ minutes until quite smooth. Keep it going a little longer than you think you should.

Note: This is NOT a store in the fridge for later kind of smoothie. This is a drink it fresh from the blending device kind of deal.

Blueberries have a tendency to gelatinize if blended up and left to their own devices. Think…blueberry smoothie Jello mold. I mean, it’s kinda cool, if you like to play with your food, but requires a lot of stirring, or a re-blend to drink it as it was intended.

So drink up this zingy beverage fresh, and thank Mother Nature for this berry-ful window of the year!


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