Eating Well On A Time Budget: Veggie Naan Pizza

PizzaOffCenterHow is it June? Honestly… this past Saturday (the 31st) I was convinced it was the 27th! I was just minding my own business, thinking-  “I’ve got so much time!… PLENTY of time to do X, Y & Z!”

I was sadly mistaken.

So I blinked… and just like that, the week was over. May was over. With nary a checkmark on my to-do list!

Some weeks are like that. Hustle and bustle and somehow, despite the sleepy eyes, and tired feet, you’ve accomplished very little.

“Little” being a relative term… I worked, I did the dishes and other miscellaneous chores, I ultimately managed to fulfill all of my immediate obligations…so really, the tired feet/eyes were earned.

But when your plan is to get ahead of that ever-present list, it can be hard to feel like you’ve really accomplished anything when you’ve only accomplished the minimum.

I feel confident  I’m not alone in having experienced that nagging feeling- “If I could have just done one more thing…”

Sound familiar?… Overachievers. All of us! Well let’s stop beating ourselves up, yes?

Indeed, it’s all perspective. And a healthy perspective would involve us all acknowledging that there are only so many hours in the day (24, I’m told), acknowledging that a good night’s sleep is excellent medicine (probably the best there is), taking a gargantuan deep breath…

And reminding ourselves that- It can be done! It will be done! It shall be done! …tomorrow.

How’s that for a mantra? (I didn’t write it. In fact I’m pretty sure it’s from a refrigerator magnet that belonged to my grandma).

So in the spirit of time-budgeting: I’ll be the first to admit, when I face a week that zips by like a bat out of hell; one of easiest things to chuck by the wayside is eating habits. Being a bit short on time today, I figured I’d toss my go-to meal of the moment your way. I legit have made this for dinner at least 6 times in the past 2 weeks.

It’s delicious, chock full of veggies, and is so accessible, customizable, and looks so-darn-good that I’ve even made it for company….twice!

Eat the rainbow!

Eat the rainbow!

It’s the Naan Pizza! That’s right. It’s a commercially packaged bread, which I’m usually not wild about, but there’s a time and a place! I use Stonefire Bakery brand because I recognize the whole ingredients list, and high-fructose corn syrup is nowhere to be seen.

Personal-sized. It’s a beautiful thing. I can’t take credit for the naan pizza. I’ve noticed several food sites in the past few months displaying their own take on it. Anna over the The Yellow Table has some awesome versions!

…And this is mine:

The Veggie

I’m usually making this when I’m rushed, so the list below shows quantities for one pizza. But the Stonefire bread comes in a package of 2! So double the list and make one for your guy/gal, or best pal! (Or totally save it for yourself…..cuz you may want to make it the next day, too!).

Time commitment: Less than 30 minutes


1 Naan bread (Suggested: StoneFire Bakery, the whole wheat kind)

1 Tbsp Extra virgin olive oil

1 Clove garlic (minced…and not shown, cuz I somehow ran out of garlic, and have yet to buy more!)

1-2 Slices of yellow onion

2 Cocktail tomatoes

3 Mushrooms (I use either baby portabellos, or creminis)

1/3 Red or orange bell pepper

1 Handful of spinach

2 oz. (approx.) Fresh mozzarella

Optional: Red pepper flakes

Optional: Parmesan Cheese

Preheat the oven to 350°. Place the naan bread on a baking sheet, and brush with the olive oil. Disperse the minced garlic across the naan.


Pop the baking sheet in the oven for about 5- 7 minutes, or until it smells delightfully like baking bread in your kitchen. This step toasts up the naan slightly so it won’t get soggy in the middle when we add the delicious (water-inclusive) vegetables.

While the naan is pre-toasting, chop up your veggies!


Take the baking sheet out of the oven, and carefully start to assemble your pizza (Warning! Hot pan!).

There’s an art to the layering.




I do the majority of the onions, a portion of the bell pepper, and about half the sliced mushrooms. Then a few small pieces of hand-shredded mozzarella randomly placed. Good! Now the base layer is set.






Next, I put the chopped spinach, layer the sliced tomatoes, and the rest of the pepper and mushroom is sprinkled over that (the base layer will keep the tomato juice from soggy-ing up the bread).





The rest of the mozzarella gets dispersed across the top (the “sandwiching” of the mozzarella will also keep the greens from getting too crispy). I sprinkle a pretty generous amount of red pepper flakes, and a modest dusting of parmesan cheese across the whole shebang.

Pop your masterpiece back into the oven for abooooouuuuut 10 minutes. If you sneak a peek at it, the mozzarella should be all melty and bubbly.



And when it comes out…..


All that’s left is to slice it up, and make Mmmmmmm sounds while you devour it!


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