The Rockstar of Nutrition

Fruits and Vegetables



Eat Food. Not Too Much. Mostly Plants.

– Michael Pollan



Somewhere between yoga teacher training and where I am now, I found myself in a heavy internal debate over the pros and cons of going back to school. Grad school requires things…like funds (of which I had little) and a pretty substantial time/energy/sanity sacrifice.

But the yoga training- all that meditating on the Self and what not- had opened up a Pandora’s box of health awareness, and I was voraciously on the hunt for more information! When I wasn’t answering the phone and organizing boxes of paper clips at my receptionist job, I was reading the health section of the New York Times, endlessly Googling nutrition related topics, and accumulating a vast collection of recipes that I had no idea how to follow.

During that time I came across this article by Michael Pollan in the NY Times magazine. In it, Pollan addresses a situation still very much at large today- the decline of cooking in America. Instigated by the release of the movie “Julie & Julia,” the piece single-handedly identified why it was that I had no idea how to use those recipes.

In fact, it shoved me- full-force- down a rabbit hole of self-evaluation. Mainly an evaluation of the role that food plays in my life. It lead me to read Pollan’s important, acclaimed book, The Omnivore’s Dilemma.

And acting as a tipping point, it sent me back to school.

This week, I got to completely geek-out…because I met Michael Pollan! Along with several of my nutrition-geek comrades, I attended the 92nd Street Y where he was speaking about his latest book: Cooked (Appropriate- in light of the article that introduced me to his work!).

….And he was de-lightful! And quite tall!

He read a few of his favorite excerpts. He spoke genuinely and with humor about the evolution of cooking, his own family’s dinner table, and even gave a bit of a microbiology lesson concerning cheese and the strange (sometimes foot-related) bacteria involved in making it….

While this blog is not meant to be a diary of my life, it felt fitting that my first post should reflect part of what has shaped my forked path over the past several years.

And to share this little slice of life in which I got to meet the super-friendly “rock star” of the health world- who 4 years ago, turned up the heat on my priorities, and melted away the cons on my weighted list.




The slight blurriness is proof of how fast they march you through that book-signing line, but I still managed a few quick words of gratitude, before being scooted along.


*Michael Pollan is in no way affiliated with Healthy Prongs, but is simply a respected and admired hero to its author.

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